Buried Signals

This publication curates creative experiments in journalism.

The Publication

Buried Signals is a publication that curates narrative visualisation by featuring extraordinary visual essays which communicate complex stories or data efficiently. Occasionally we publish insights from research and investigations.

The publication is built atop Idyll (an open-source toolkit for writing interactive articles) and run by Tom Vaillant. All of the code is visible on Github, if you're interested in contributing don't hesitate to reach out! Any work we publish can be challenged on our Discord server.


To abstain from false claims of objectivity we try to keep ouridentities small and apply the following principles on any work we publish. Tenets 2 and 6 will need to be excluded from curated stories.

  1. Communicate in a clear and concise manner
  2. Seek to understand the opposing viewpoint and give readers access to both perspectives
  3. Fight stereotypes, fear-mongering and bipartisan polarisation
  4. Controversy for it’s own sake is entertainment
  5. Collaborate with experts, identify uncertainty when it exists
  6. Propose solutions to the problem
  7. Sources are verified and always accessible
  8. Privacy matters, analytics and cookies on this site are non-invasive
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